The goal of this project is to help the /hr/ KPG community defend itself from foreign spam. This is accomplished by implementing a common list of hidden posts (a.k.a trash) and also by generating and inserting thumbnails for image urls that are posted to the thread. This thumbnail functionality is also available outside of the KPG.


Install a userscript manager extension like tampermonkey, if you don't have one already, and then click the following link to install the userscript.

Install the userscript




To open the preferences window, use the p shortcut, which can be pressed anywhere on the page except for any input elements. There, you can individually enable or disable the script's functionalities and also control their behavior (see below).


To generate thumbnails, just include supported image urls in your post. Images from popular websites like twitter or tistory will work straight away. Less common websites will need to be reviewed by the administrator before they work.

The following video showcases the different options available to control thumbnail behavior. These attempt to mimic 4chan and 4chanX where feasible, with some inspiration taken from other imageboard software as well.

If you want to enable this feature outside of /hr/, you have to add other boards as user includes in your userscript extension. This image exemplifies how to add all boards using tampermonkey (*/thread/* and*/thread/*).

Hiding trash

A regular unprivileged user only has to install the userscript. Once it is active, it will receive the list of posts that have been hidden by trusted users in real time, and will recursively fade or hide those posts and their replies, so they won't be as obtrusive.

Trusted users should input their auth key in the preferences window (opened with the p shortcut). After that, the following shortcuts will become available.

To request an auth key, please contact the e-mail address found here.